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    This article originally appeared on: https://wle.cgiar.org/solutions/e-learning-water-migration-and-rural-development  “The way we talk about migration has major sociopolitical impacts,” said IWMI researcher Liza Debevec in her opening remarks at the webinar, “Water, migration and rural-development: What do we know?” But migration from rural areas – an important and pressing topic – is not a new adaption strategy, she added. […]

    February 20, 2020
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    The FoodTech Challenge is a global competition that seeks innovative solutions to address food security. The competition supports the United Arabic Emirates (UAE) commitment to providing its population with sufficient, safe and nutritious food. The competition invites applicants from all backgrounds to join. University students and early-stage start-ups with prior experience in urban farming are […]

    January 13, 2020
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    Sustainability – Special Issue: “Levering Sustainable Food Systems to Address Climate Change—Possible Transformations”. Guest editors: Dr. Alison Blay-Palmer; Dr. Patricia Ballamingie; Dr. Irena Knezevic; Dr. Erin Nelson; and, Dr. Andrew Spring The clock is ticking. According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (2018), we have until 2030 to enact unprecedented changes to avoid the […]

    November 26, 2019
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    6 December 2019, Belgium In 8 interactive workshops, you discover how Rikolto and its partners work towards a sustainable food transition, in cities around the globe. We travel from Leuven to Hanoi. From Quito to Arusha. From Solo to Tegucigalpa. Don’t expect a presentation of what Rikolto is doing! We especially want to stimulate discussions […]

    October 10, 2019
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    This atlas summarises recent research to address different components of West African urban food systems, including urban and peri-urban agriculture.

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    RUAF with the University of Bologna, Horticity, Agreenium, Vegepolys, SWUAS, Hei-tro, STePS, Mammut film and Grow the Planet developed a distance learning course in the framework of the Urban Green Train project. The consortium developed a series of 5 modules on urban agriculture and entrepreneurship: 1: Introduction to urban agriculture concept and types 2: Resource […]

    November 19, 2017