What we do


RUAF CIC is a non-profit community interest company based in the UK. It is the legal entity that both hosts the RUAF Secretariat and operates as a consultancy.

The company’s activities provide benefit to food systems stakeholders and residents in cities and city regions around the world, especially low income and marginalised groups (including women, youth, migrants, and others) who experience food insecurity, discrimination, lack of economic opportunities, and who are most vulnerable to the impacts of shocks and stresses on food systems.

To reach these groups, the company engages:

  1. directly with representatives of the above communities through projects and programmes;
  2. with other organisations that work to advance food systems transformation for sustainability and resilience, to support and benefit the same communities (e.g. local and regional governments, NGOs, UN agencies, community groups, research institutes, and other consultants), some of whom are clients of the company.

For more information on how RUAF CIC benefits these groups, please see Reports and Policies.