Urban Agriculture Magazine no. 32 – Urban Food-Waste-Energy Nexus and the Private Sector

This issue of the Urban Agriculture Magazine discusses this urban-food-energy nexus with a focus on the role of the private sector. Emphasis is on its enabling environment in promoting a circular economy.

The magazine shares experiences and cases from several sources:

  • The West-African Bio-wastes for Energy and Fertiliser (WABEF) project
  • A recent study done by RUAF for the Dutch Food Business Knowledge Network on the role of the private sector and social enterprises in shaping or enabling city region food systems.
  • Experiences from the Resource Recovery and Reuse programme of IWMI (the CGIAR Research Program on Water, Land and Ecosystems).
  • Projects of RUAF and its partners on the safe recovery and use of energy, water and nutrients from waste streams, such as from Ghana, Gaza and Nepal, and from Hivos and SNV.

Also available in Portuguese.


  1. The Food-Energy Nexus is Closer to our Heart than we might think

  2. Editorial

  3. Making Sense of the Urban Nexus: An integrated approach to intersecting challenges

  4. Waste-to-Energy Business Models: Insights from a compendium of business models

  5. WABEF: Western Africa Bio-wastes for energy and fertilisers

  6. Teriya Bugu in Mali

  7. Centre Songhai: Integrated development of renewable energy in Benin

  8. WABEF Support to Renewable Energy Development in Senegal

  9. Poo Power in Ghana’s Biggest Slum

  10. Biogas is Business – Even at household scale

  11. Gender Analysis of the Nepal Biogas Programme

  12. Fuel Briquettes: An affordable and cleaner cooking and heating fuel

  13. A Commercial Case for the Briquette Business in Ghana

  14. Fuel Briquettes – Making business sense

  15. Sunshine for Palestine: Solar energy value chain development in Gaza

  16. Linking Rural and Urban Areas through Agricultural and Urban Waste Recycling

  17. Biodigestion at the Neighbourhood Level: From community participation to waste separation

  18. The Role of the Private Sector in City Region Food systems

  19. Harvesting the Non-Food Benefits of Urban Agriculture: Finding and engaging unexpected partners?


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