Ruaf GP

The Secretariat of the RUAF Global Partnership is hosted by RUAF CIC. For Secretariat members, see People

The RUAF Secretariat performs five functions: 

Strategic direction of the RUAF organisation

The strategic direction is the ‘glue’ of the RUAF organisation. It is reviewed (with members of the company, i.e. the Board) every three years, but can be adapted as necessary during this time to take account of the shifting landscape.

The strategic direction influences animation of the RUAF GP and external engagement, and directs which consultancy projects are sought and accepted.

Animation of the RUAF Global Partnership

This involves enabling and facilitating interactions between partners, convening regular meetings (online but in-person where possible) with collective preparation and high-energy, high participation follow up, facilitating virtual communications via an online platform, providing support to working groups (including regional groups if established), and holding bi-lateral calls with partners where needed. 

The Secretariat also consolidates findings and information from the Partnership as part of Learning and Systematisation, creating an important feedback loop. 

External engagement

This involves topical discussions with non-partner organisations, participation in network initiatives, and involvement in events that are highly strategic and give visibility. The Secretariat aims to be intentional, prioritizing networks and organisations that fit with the strategic direction and thematic focus areas and being clear about how knowledge is used to shape the agenda and further equitable food systems transformation. 

Communications tasks

Communications consists of drawing up and implementing a plan, including website maintenance and updates, social media accounts, coordinating publication of Urban Agriculture Magazine, fed by a concerted plan on learning and systematisation. 

Learning and systematisation

This involves writing of blogs, articles, policy briefs, UAM editorials, etc. Some learning and systematization activities are project deliverables.