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Entrepreneurship in Urban Agriculture

RUAF with the University of Bologna, Horticity, Agreenium, Vegepolys, SWUAS, Hei-tro, STePS, Mammut film and Grow the Planet developed a distance learning course in the framework of the Urban Green Train project. The consortium developed a series of 5 modules on urban agriculture and entrepreneurship:

1: Introduction to urban agriculture concept and types
2: Resource use from a challenge perspective
3: Urban Agriculture types/production systems and short food chains
4: Networking and Governance
5: The world of business and urban demands.

The Urban Green Train project, led by the University of Bologna, aimed at encouraging pioneering business oriented initiatives on urban agriculture. The project was based on knowledge exchange, cooperation and innovation among SMEs, policy makers and higher education institutions.

The Urban Green Train project mapped knowledge and business initiatives of urban and peri-urban agriculture in 4 European countries (France, Italy, Germany and the Netherlands) and developed educational modules and resources that respond to UA business training needs.

The course can be freely accessed on this website: (login as a guest).