Quito, first city of Ecuador with a food strategy

On 2 October 2018, Quito signed the Pacto Agroalimentario Quito and presented its agrifood strategy, in order to promote a sustainable, resilient, diversified and inclusive food system, aligned with the global challenges to fight hunger and malnutrition, reduce waste and face the effects of climate change.

Quito is the first city in Ecuador, and one of the few in the region, to have a food policy inspired by the action framework of the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact that Quito joined in 2016.

The Pacto Agroalimentario Quito results from a programme carried out between 2015-2017 by the RUAF Foundation and FAO. Quito was one of seven cities in the world in which RUAF and FAO tested a methodology for the diagnosis city region food systems. The analysis and results of this diagnosis allowed for a better understanding of the Quito food system and eventually led to the drafting and signing of the food strategy and the construction of an action plan.