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Who we are

Photo: Pops Lopes

Strategic direction 2018-2023

Every five years the RUAF Global Partnership reviews its strategy and membership charter. For the period 2018-2023, the RUAF Global Partnership supports and promotes knowledge exchanges between cities and towns on specific issues of sustainable food systems.

The partnership aims to:

  1. Promote localised systems of production and consumption for more inclusive food systems
  2. Strengthen the resilience of urban food systems
  3. Strengthen the role of cities in food policy governance

The pursuit of those three goals is guided by the following principles: the universal right to food; sustainable and resilient cities; and multi-stakeholder engagement.

For more information see the RUAF Strategy 2018-2023.

Our values

  • We aim to deliver practical and high-quality results in action, research and planning projects.
  • We apply a demand-driven and participatory, multi-stakeholder and gender-positive approach.
  • Our projects have a strong focus on learning (sharing, training, coaching) and empowerment to facilitate the development of local institutional capacities.
  • We seek to enhance both technical and organisational innovation.
  • We integrate monitoring and evaluation to ensure sustainability, efficiency and effectiveness of its activities.
  • We ensure broad dissemination of lessons learned on innovations realised and methods applied.