Food system assessment and monitoring

Food system assessment and monitoring

A city region food system (CRFS) assessment is aimed to help strengthen the understanding of the current functioning and performance of the city region food system. It forms the basis for further development of policies and programmes to promote the sustainability and resilience of a city region food system.

RUAFs CRFS assessment and planning approach builds on a formalised process of identifying and engaging all relevant stakeholders from the start of the assessment through to policy review and planning. This means that a CRFS process can not only result in revised or new urban food policies, strategies and projects, but also in the creation of new -or revitalisation of existing- networks for governance and policy development, such as urban food policy councils and in new institutional food programmes and policies.

Results of CRFS processes have led to key policy proposals and recommendations in cities. In some cities this has led to significant policy or project activity (including new governance structures), while in other cities processes will be carried forward by local stakeholders or under new projects.

RUAF and FAO developed a toolkit and a set of indicators, aligning with the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact, to support cities in assessing and monitoring their progress in achieving more sustainable food systems.

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