Urban Agriculture Magazine no. 10 – Micro Technologies for Urban Agriculture

articles in this issue show how technologies have been adapted to urban-specific situations and how continuous research and training are contributing to their widespread use.

Some of the technologies presented have been developed specifically for the urban setting. Hydroponics or the Cuban ‘organoponics’ for example, will be familiar to many readers. Other practices such as those that make use of waste and wastewater treatment may not be so well known. The small-scale irrigation and composting practices discussed are quite similar to those used in rural settings.

Urban agriculture is increasingly recognised as a vehicle for the development of productive and sustainable cities. Several cities have created specific agencies for urban agriculture or are implementing related policies and programmes. Hopefully this issue of the Urban Agriculture Magazine will encourage stakeholders, including governments, research institutes, NGOs, and farmers, to work together in developing and implementing similar urban agricultural initiatives to make cities cleaner, safer and more healthier places to live in.

Also available in Portuguese, Spanish and French.


  1. The ‘Drum and Drip’ micro-irrigation system, tested in South Africa

  2. Urban Irrigation Methods and Practices in Ghana and Togo

  3. Hydroponics in Latin America

  4. Hydroponics Technology in Urban Lima – Peru

  5. Organoponics, a Productive Option

  6. Improving techniques for market garden production in South East Asia

  7. Basic Cultural Management Practices for Urban Vegetable Production

  8. Rooftop Gardening in Senegal

  9. City Farming – the Natural Alternative, Experiences in India

  10. Mushroom Cultivation in Urban Kampala, Uganda

  11. Micro-technologies for Congested Urban Centers in Ethiopia

  12. Innovative Urban Agricultural Technologies in Botswana

  13. Permaculture in Senegal & Mobile Kitchen Garden in Kenya

  14. The Abundant Harvest Garden

  15. Aqua-Terra Gardens

  16. Worms turn garbage into gold in Lismore

  17. Organoponics – the Use of Human Urine in Composting

  18. Container Composting in Peri-Urban Kumasi, Ghana

  19. Faecal Sludge Application for Agriculture in Tamale, Ghana

  20. Conversion of Urban Waste to Energy by Anaerobic Digestion

  21. Waste-Fed Fisheries in Periurban Kolkata

  22. Improving Agro-enterprises in Duong Lieu Commune, Vietnam

  23. Treatment of Organic Household Waste Used as Pig Feed in Montevideo


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