City of Tamale signs the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact

With the support of RUAF and IWMI, the city of Tamale signed the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact, an international pact signed by over 200 cities from all over the world representing more than 450 million inhabitants. Tamale is the capital city of the Northern Region of Ghana, West Africa.

Aim of the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact

The pact aims at tackling food-related issues at the urban level. Its purpose is to provide strategic options to cities aiming to achieve more sustainable food systems. While the options have been organised into thematic clusters, they should be seen as entry points towards achieving sustainable food systems. Cities can select and adapt the guidelines to suit their situations.

The categories for the recommended actions are:

  • Ensuring an enabling environment for effective action (governance)
  • Sustainable diets and nutrition
  • Social and economic equity
  • Food production
  • Food supply and distribution
  • Food waste