Future Policy Award 2018: Participatory urban agriculture programme in Quito

With its Participatory Urban Agriculture Programme (AGRUPAR), Quito won the Silver Award of the Future Policy Award 2018 on Agroecology.

AGRUPAR was developed on the basis of a broad, largely women-led community consultation. It explicitly recognizes the role of urban agriculture for wider social, ecological and economic development and works along the entire food chain. Training programmes help support community, family and school gardens. With over 3,600 urban gardens growing on 32 hectares and more than 21,000 people trained, AGRUPAR fosters food security, increases incomes, and enhances ecosystem functions. Its participants produce now more than 870,000 kg of food products per year for the city and more than 6,600 bio-fairs have been organized so far. The programme is part of Quito’s mission to become an entrepreneurial, sustainable and innovative city.

Celebrating best policies to scale up agroecology

The 2018 Future Policy Award is dedicated to policies that scale up agroecology, contribute to the protection of life and livelihoods of small-scale food producers, ensure sustainable food production systems and implement climate resilient agricultural practices. The winners demonstrate that with adequate policies the transition towards sustainable agriculture and food systems can be achieved, a transition that ensures healthy food for all, that overcomes social and economic inequalities and protects our environment, climate and biodiversity. The festive Award Ceremony was held on 15th October 2018, during World Food Week 2018 at FAO Headquarters in Rome, Italy.