Dutch City Deal: Food on the Urban Agenda

On 26 January 2017, 12 Dutch cities, the Province of Gelderland and 3 national Ministries jointly signed the Urban Agenda on Food, with the objective to strengthen the Dutch food system together with the private sector, knowledge institutes and societal organisations. The partners will specifically work on four themes: 1) Governance innovation; 2) Ecological and economic sustainability innovation; 3) Regional food systems and strengthening of fair and short supply chains around cities; 4) Food education, health and social inclusion.

Cities will engage in the sharing of experiences, joint learning and piloting of new innovations. Also proposals for policy improvement at national and EU level to strengthen urban food policies will be developed. RUAF will take on the role as network manager for the coming year. More information with Henk Renting at

The following cities have signed the Agenda: Almere, Amsterdam, Den Haag, Ede, Groningen, Helmond, ‘s Hertogenbosch, Leeuwarden, Oss, Rotterdam, Utrecht and Venlo.

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