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International Water Management Institute

International Water Management Institute

The International Water Management Institute (IWMI) is an international, research-for-development organization that stands at the forefront of global agricultural research, strategically positioned at the nexus of research and practical development.  Our mission is to provide water solutions for sustainable, climate-resilient development.

At IWMI, we are dedicated to delivering evidence-based solutions that ensure sustainable management of water and land resources for food security, livelihoods, and the environment with offices in 15 countries and more than 300 partners around the globe.

IWMI is a Research Center of CGIAR, a global research partnership for a food-secure future. IWMI has been one of RUAF’s first core partners, contributing over 20 years of expertise in irrigated urban farming, informal wastewater use, organic waste composting and use, food safety as well as research work on business models and institutional development. IWMI also supports RUAF’s linkages within the CGIAR, such as in the CGIAR Resilient City initiative, as well as with other research institutes, universities, and UN partners, while RUAF adds value to IWMI through its urban networks with implementation partners to achieve outcomes and impacts. 

IWMI’s contact for RUAF is Dr. Eric G. Nartey, based at IWMI in Accra, Ghana