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  • City region food systems

    City region food systems

    A City Region Food Systems (CRFS) approach aims to foster the development of resilient and sustainable food systems within urban centres, peri-urban and rural areas surrounding cities by strengthening rural-urban linkages. RUAF and FAO, have developed a toolkit that provides guidance on how to assess and build sustainable city region food systems. RUAF and FAO…

  • Resource recovery & reuse

    Resource recovery & reuse

    RUAF creates synergies between the waste, energy, water and food sector and looks for opportunities to add value to waste streams. Activities: Stimulating the use of solid and liquid wastes in urban agriculture Supporting technical innovations on waste, food and energy Ensuring the safe use of waste and wastewater in (peri-) urban agriculture Creating enterprises,…

  • Urban agriculture

    Urban agriculture

    RUAF works with cities and citizens to strengthen local and transparent urban agriculture production and value chains. Activities: Supporting innovations and innovative farming systems. Assessing market demand and linking producers with consumers. Building local capacity. Enhancing access to land and productive resources.

  • Food policies & governance

    Food policies & governance

    RUAF works with city stakeholders to undertake participatory city region food systems assessment, planning and policy development to enhance food governance. Activities: Developing tools for participatory and multi-stakeholder assessment, planning and monitoring. Building capacity in system thinking and city region food systems. Planning and developing integrated territorial policies, strategies and governance models. Monitoring and evaluating…

  • Climate resilience & sustainability

    Climate resilience & sustainability

    RUAF supports cities in integrating (peri-) urban agriculture and forestry in local and national climate change plans, policies and disaster risk reduction strategies. Activities: Developing frameworks and assessments to monitor and evaluate resilience Building evidence Building local staff capacity Identifying urban agriculture and forestry models for climate-change mitigation and adaptation

  • Jobs, equity & social justice

    Jobs, equity & social justice

    RUAF works with municipalities, civil society, urban poor and vulnerable groups, like refugees, to promote access to nutritious and affordable food. Activities: Promoting inclusive and equitable approaches Identifying practical ways to implement right to food and food sovereignty at local level Promoting decent (youth) employment and training Support of technical solutions for better nutrition and…