Urban Agriculture Magazine no. 3 – Balancing the Positive and Negative Health Impacts

Urban agriculture is practised to a substantial degree in many cities in the world. In discussions on a sustainable development of urban agriculture the positive and negative relationships play an important role, whether based on facts or on prejudice. Health is a major issue in this. There is indeed an obvious relationship between urban agriculture on the one hand, and the health and environmental conditions of the urban population on the other. This third issue of the Urban Agriculture Magazine focuses on the relationship between urban agriculture and health.

We offer you 10 articles on a diversity of topics surrounding the theme; food security, food policies, use of waste and wastewater and zoonoses. The guest editor for this issue was Karen Lock, from the European Centre on the Health of Societies in Transition, at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. Further support was received from Marianne Lindner, from the ETC Health Group, who recently finished an analysis of key issues in urban health and health-care in developing countries.

Also available in Portuguese, Spanish and French.


  1. Mitigating the Health Risks Associated with Urban and Periurban Agriculture

  2. Food Policies are Essential for Healthy Cities

  3. Designing a Research Agenda on Malaria and Agriculture

  4. Pesticide Soil Contamination: a Case Study from Perth, Western Australia

  5. Supporting Farmers towards Safe Year-round Vegetables in Periurban Manila

  6. Zoonoses of Dairy Cattle, with Reference to Africa

  7. Public Health Issues of Wastewater-fed Aquaculture

  8. Reducing Health Risks of Urban Organic Solid Waste Use

  9. Reducing the Health Risks of Using Wastewater in Agriculture: Recommended Changes to WHO Guidelines

  10. The Use of Wastewater for Urban Agriculture: the Example of Dakar, Nouakchott and Ouagadougou

  11. Periurban Irrigated Agriculture and Health Risks in Ghana

  12. Ecological Sanitation: Closing the Loop


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