Urban Agriculture Magazine no. 24 – From Seed to Table. Developing urban agriculture value chains

Some urban farmers seek to enhance their income by engaging more directly or more efficiently in processing and marketing. But many of these, often poor, urban farmers are not able to sufficiently invest in starting a business, often do not undertake a proper analysis of market demand and tend to choose industries that have low entry costs, such as poultry production and food preparation. This pattern generally leads to rapid market saturation, low levels of productivity and competition that drives down returns to the business owners. Value chain analysis and value chain development help connecting urban and periurban producers with urban markets in a more sustainable way. In this Urban Agriculture Magazine you will find examples of different forms of value chains and value chain development in urban agriculture.

Also available in Spanish, Portuguese and Arabic.


  1. Editorial – From Seed to Table: Developing urban agriculture value chain

  2. Strengthening Urban Farmer Organisations and Their Marketing Capacities: The RUAF From Seed to Table programme

  3. Vegetable Box Scheme in Cape Town, South Africa

  4. Using Value Chain Analysis to increase the impact of Urban Farming

  5. Distance to the City and Performance of Food Chains in Antananarivo, Madagascar

  6. Market Access for Urban and Periurban Farmers in Yangon

  7. A Comparison of Urban Agriculture and Short Food Chains in Paris and Tunis

  8. Value Chain Development of Avocado in Vietnam

  9. The Learning Alliance on Chain Empowerment; Burka Gudina Cooperative Union in Ethiopia

  10. Urban Agriculture in the Netherlands

  11. Urban Agriculture as Community Engagement in Manchester

  12. Motivations and Barriers to Stakeholder Participation in Local food Value Chains in Phoenix, Arizona

  13. General View on Potato Production in Khartoum State, Sudan

  14. The Role of Farmer Organisations in Marketing Periurban ‘Safe Vegetables’ in Vietnam

  15. Influence of Public Policies on the Urban Production in Piracicaba, Brazil

  16. An Analysis of Markets in Rosario, Argentina

  17. Community Supported Urban Agriculture: The Orti Solidali project in Rome

  18. Promoting Value Chains in Urban Agriculture for Local Development in Quito


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