Urban Agriculture Magazine no. 16 – Formulating Effective Policies on Urban Agriculture

Urban agriculture can make important contributions to social, economic and ecological objectives of sustainable urban development. However, many urban farmers around the world operate without formal recognition of their main livelihood activity and lack the structural support of proper municipal policies and legislation. New rules and regulations are required to enhance the potential of agriculture in the cities and mitigate its potential risks. The challenge is
for urban agriculture to become part of sustainable urban development and to be valued as a social, economic and environmental benefit rather than a liability.

Attention to urban agriculture is increasing though in cities in the North as well as in the South, and the number of cities revising existing policies or formulating new policies and action programmes on urban agriculture is growing rapidly.

To support these initiatives, this issue of the Urban Agriculture Magazine seeks to provide conceptual and methodological insights, practical examples of policy formulation and action planning on urban agriculture. It contains thirteen articles on cities around the world and three
introductory articles that systematise these and other experiences.

Also available in Portuguese, Spanish, French and Arabic.


  1. A Critical Review of Recent Policy Documents on Urban Agriculture

  2. Courses of Action for Municipal Policies on Urban Agriculture

  3. Interactive Policy Formulation for Sustainable Urban Agriculture Development

  4. Integration of Urban Agriculture in Municipal Agendas: Experiences from Lima, Peru

  5. The Beijing Urban Agriculture Policy Guidelines: A milestone

  6. From Awareness to Action; policies on urban agriculture in Accra

  7. The Policy Framework and Practice of Urban Agriculture in Bulawayo

  8. Legislation, policies and the practice of urban farming in Nakuru, Kenya: Contradictions abound

  9. Making Laws for Urban Agriculture: the experience of Governador Valadares, Brazil

  10. Concrete Actions: Cape Town’s Urban Agriculture Assistance Programme

  11. Creating and Implementing Food Policies in Vancouver, Canada

  12. Municipal and Civil Society Food Systems Policy Development

  13. The importance of legal and political support, the case of PROVE in Brazil

  14. Urban Land Use Policy in Peddie; a former homeland town in Eastern Cape Province, South Africa

  15. Effecting Policy Change and Implementation in Urban Agriculture, Kampala, Uganda

  16. An Enabling Policy Framework for Urban Agriculture in Rosario


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