Urban Agriculture Magazine no. 11 – Availability, Access and Usability of Land

Land is an important resource for urban agriculture. Urban farming requires some land space, irrespective of whether the farming system is soil-based or not. Therefore land is and will remain a resource of particular concern to urban farmers. But land, or rather the adequate use of the land, is of increasing concern to planners and municipal policymakers who have to consider the various demands on the land and its functions in and around the city.

  • Availability refers to the existence of land that can be utilised for urban agriculture, in the short-, medium- or long-term.
  • Accessibility refers the opportunity for actual use of available land by needy households or groups, taking into account administrative procedures and conflict resolution mechanisms.
  • Usability of the land for urban agriculture is a function of topography, soil texture and fertility, moisture and other environmental qualities.

Most of the cases presented in this issue could be useful in drawing up successful programmes in urban agriculture. They emphasise innovative approaches and techniques that facilitate integration of urban agriculture into the city landscape as a permanent feature. Examples include land banks, multi-stakeholder participatory urban planning and long-term leasing arrangements.

Also available in Portuguese, Spanish and French.


  1. Electronic Conference: Optimising Agricultural Land Use in the City Area

  2. Migrants’ Access to Land in Periurban Beijing

  3. Optimising Agricultural Land Use in Kano

  4. Access to Land for Urban Agriculture in Kampala

  5. The Land Issue and Urban Agriculture in Bamako

  6. Access to Land and Water for Urban Vegetable Farming in Accra

  7. The Problem of Access to land in Divo

  8. Urban and Periurban Agriculture in Setif

  9. Optimisation of the Use of Vacant Land in Rosario

  10. From Empty Lots to Productive Spaces in Cienfuegos

  11. Community Gardens in eThekweni Municipality in South Africa

  12. Allotment Gardens for Philippine Cities

  13. Urban Agriculture in the London Borough of Bexley

  14. Facilitating Land Access for the Copperbelt’s Periurban Farmers

  15. The Right to Suitable Water for Agriculture in India

  16. Legal and Policy Aspects of Urban Agriculture in Tanzania

  17. Integration of Urban Agriculture in Planning in Turkey


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