Global Database for City and Regional Food Policies

Global Database for City and Regional Food Policies

The Global Database for City and Regional Food Policies provides examples of policy – including legislation, plans, funding allocations, and more – as inspiration for sub-national governments seeking to better support their food systems.

The database stores PDFs of adopted and/or enacted policies, regulations, and ordinances on a range of food systems topics, from production to waste management. Each policy is coded with a series of categorical search terms that allow users to prioritize the type of policy they wish to view. The database includes categories such as country, policy type, food system sector, level of government, and population size, among others. In addition, each policy is assigned a set of keywords, so that users may search through general topic areas. For greater usability of the database, the PDFs of the policies are in the language of the associated jurisdiction.

This resource is a result of the partnership between the University at Buffalo Food Systems Planning and Healthy Communities Lab and Community for Global Health Equity, and RUAF.

We welcome submissions of sub-national food system policies from support organisations, local governments and at any time. Please use the form provided on the database homepage to submit as much information as possible about the policies to enhance the accuracy of the coding.

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