Urban Agriculture Magazine no. 5 – Methodologies for research, policy development, planning and implementation

Agricultural activities within the city limits have existed since the first urban populations were established thousands of years ago. Yet only recently has urban agriculture become a systematic focus of research and development attention as its scale and importance in the urbanising world we live in become increasingly recognised. Urban agriculture has been recognised as a cross-sectoral issue that requires a multi-sectoral and multi-actor approach and active participation of the direct and indirect stakeholders in the planning and implementation of policies and action programmes. This requires the adaptation of the methods used in rural agricultural research and development for the specific urban conditions and to realise an innovative integration of these methods with the methods applied by urban managers and planners and other relevant disciplines.

This issue of the Urban Agriculture Magazine contains the synthesis papers produced by the six topic co-ordinators and selected contributions submitted to the editor and written for the expert workshop “Appropriate Methodologies for Urban Agriculture”.

Also available in Portuguese, Spanish and French.


  1. The Contribution of Research, a methodological review

  2. Gender Considerations for urban agriculture research

  3. TOPIC PAPER 1: Methodologies for Situation Analysis

  4. Rapid Visual Diagnosis Applied in Montevideo

  5. Commercial Horticulture, appraising the potential

  6. Women’s Involvement in Cape Town: a social development perspective

  7. TOPIC PAPER 2: A Framework for Facilitating Planning and Policy

  8. Participatory Planning in the City of Havana, Cuba

  9. Pollution Effects on Urban and Periurban Agriculture in India

  10. TOPIC PAPER 3: Technical Tools for Urban Land Use Planning

  11. Actor’s Interplay in Mexico City: the Compatibility Matrix applied

  12. Community Resources Management in Central Mindanao, Philippines

  13. TOPIC PAPER 4: Appropriate Methods for Technology Development

  14. The Network Approach; the production and consumption chain in Senegal

  15. Farmer Field Schools: an ideal method for urban agriculture?

  16. Identifying Priorities for Technology Development

  17. TOPIC PAPER 5: Monitoring and Evaluation

  18. Different Ways to Monitor urban and peri-urban agriculture in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

  19. Improving Food and Nutrition Security; homestead gardening in Bangladesh

  20. Assessing the Socio-Economic Impact

  21. The value of urban agriculture: the Contingent Valuation Method applied in Havana, Cuba

  22. TOPIC PAPER 6: Appropriate Methods for Micro Enterprise Development

  23. PROVE, Small Agricultural Production Verticalization Programme

  24. Quality and Quantity Demand for Vegetables, survey in a Philippine urban setting

Urban Agriculture Magazine no. 5 – Methodologies for research, policy development, planning and implementation

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