Urban Agriculture Magazine no. 40 – Pathways towards resilient urban food systems

UAM40, Pathways towards resilient urban food systems, was produced with funding from the CGIAR Research Initiative on Resilient Cities.

Food systems are facing unprecedented challenges from multiple shocks and stresses, including climate events, pandemics, geopolitical events, and economic crises. People, assets and infrastructures throughout supply chains are vulnerable to the impacts, and the consequences for food and nutrition security, livelihoods and economic development, and social equity can be dramatic.

In most places food systems are not yet on the policy agenda, let alone viewed as a component of urban resilience and disaster risk reduction. It is critical to harness the experiences of cities and city regions that are prioritising food systems resilience, to support knowledge transfer and co-learning over what actions can help build resilience, and how they can be put in different contexts.

This issue of Urban Agriculture Magazine showcases innovative approaches, actions, and initiatives for strengthening all aspects of urban and city region food systems. The articles are drawn from across research priorities of the Resilient Cities initiative and supplemented by selected experiences from RUAF Global Partnership and other strategically-aligned organisations.


  1. Editorial: Inspiring action and k knowledge exchange on resilient urban and city region food systems
  2. Resilient cities need resilient food production systems: getting it right from the start!
  3. Building resilient cities, one garden at a time
  4. Informal food vendors: an ignored opportunity for resilient urban food systems
  5. Towards resilient cities: strengthening business skills of small food vendors in Metro Manila
  6. Policy insights on evidence-based transformation of food systems in Quezon City, the Philippines
  7. United for progress: Ghana’s multi-institutional circular bioeconomy Innovation Hub
  8. Dietary and food environment assessments to help understand and address urban food system challenges
  9. Innovation and collaboration for the resilience of the food system in Lima: the partnership between CGIAR and Incubagraria
  10. Youth-led resilience: the impact of Generation Food in the DRC
  11. Valourising Africa’s urban food cultures
  12. How Milan is winning the fight against food waste
  13. Little food scraps making a big difference
  14. Green Cities Initiative: integrated support for more resilient and food secure cities

Pathways towards resilient urban food systems

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