Urban Agriculture Magazine no. 34 – Measuring Impact

In the past year we have seen the development of various assessment and indicator frameworks to help cities to map the current status and performance of their city region food system. With this urban agriculture magazine we explore how such assessment frameworks have concretely supported planning and policy, and have enabled cities to measure and monitor changes in relation to food strategies and action plans.

Also available in Portuguese.


  1. City Region Food System Assessment and Planning

  2. The NADHALI Approach for Assessing and Planning City-driven Food Systems: When rapidity meets complex realities

  3. Involving Citizen Experts in Sustainability Assessment of the City Region Food System

  4. Improving Urban Nutrition in Africa and Asia Through Policy Change

  5. Building Resilient Food Systems for Urban Food Security. Examples from Baltimore City, Maryland

  6. Assessing the Capacity and Resilience of Melbourne’s Foodbowl: The Foodprint Melbourne project

  7. Assessing the Impact of Climate Change and Extreme Weather Events on the Food System in the City of Toronto

  8. The Inclusion of Food in Quito’s Resilience Strategy

  9. Vulnerability and Resilience of the Colombo Urban Food System to Extreme Weather

  10. Resilience of Urban Food Supply in West Africa

  11. A City Region Food System Indicator Framework – A new resource for cities

  12. New York City Food Indicators: Sharing lessons for the next decade

  13. Good Scholarship on Urban Agriculture and Food Systems

  14. Measuring Progress in Sustainable Food Cities: A Toolbox for Action

  15. How Ede Municipality Developed a Tool to Monitor Improvement of the Local Food System

  16. Communicating Goals and Impacts of Urban Food Sharing

  17. Measuring Urban Agriculture for Sound Policy in a North American City

  18. Resources


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