Urban Agriculture Magazine no. 31 – Inclusive Use of Urban Space

Urban agriculture and food systems are fast gaining the attention of planners and policy makers across the global south and north. A number of cities and regions are developing and implementing food systems plans and policies. While this emerging planning and policy attention is laudable, it must build on decades of community-led efforts to rebuild urban agriculture and community food systems. Failure to build on these on-the ground practices run the risk of developing policy that is uninformed and disconnected from the lived experiences of people in communities.

This Urban Agriculture Magazine explores the issue of community engagement in (urban) food policy and planning through case studies across the globe. A total of 17 articles explore the formal and informal role of community in urban food policy and planning, innovative planning practices and participatory policy development.

Also available in Portuguese.


  1. Opinion – The Strength of Local Communities of Stakeholders

  2. Editorial – Community Involvement in Urban Planning and Policy Development to Strengthen City Region Food Systems

  3. Some Challenges to Integrating Food into Urban Planning: Lessons from the field

  4. Local Actors Building Urban Food Strategies in West Africa and South America

  5. Making Public Markets Work: Street food vendor relocation in two Indonesian cities

  6. Community-Led Urban Agriculture Policy Making: A view from the United States

  7. Homegrown Baltimore: Cultivating employee wellness through CSA support

  8. The Rise of Guerrilla Gardening: Unearthing the underground urban agricultural movement

  9. Multi-stakeholder Policy Influencing and Local Urban Food Initiatives

  10. Experiences from Stakeholder Dialogues in Tamale, Northern Ghana

  11. Advances in Urban Agriculture Policy in East Africa: Learning through comparison

  12. Linking Urban Farming and Urban Planning in Times of Crisis

  13. In Pursuit of a Participatory Society: The role of the participatory agent

  14. From Open Data to Open Space: Translating public information into collective action

  15. Pivotal Position for Large-Scale Urban Agriculture in Bottom-Up Development in Almere

  16. Social Currencies and Community-Based Food Initiatives in Asturias, Spain

  17. Shopping for Daily Vegetables in Urban Vietnam


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