Urban Agriculture Magazine no. 29 – City Region Food Systems

This issue of the Urban Agriculture Magazine addresses the growing attention for city region food systems. A policy and practice approach that focuses on urban food issues from a city-regional perspective. The approach takes into account contributions from urban and periurban agriculture and a strengthening of urban-rural relations.

The magazine features articles from cities involved in the SUPURBFOOD programme. The magazine was officially launched at the ICLEI Resilient Cities Congress on 10 June 2015 in Bonn, Germany.

Also available in Portuguese.


  1. Editorial: Food on the urban agenda

  2. Food in an Urbanised World: The role of city region food systems

  3. City Region Food Systems: An inclusive and integrated approach to improving food systems and urban-rural linkages

  4. Food Systems on the City Agenda

  5. Developing the Rotterdam City Region Food System: Acting and thinking at the same time

  6. The Food Systems and Food Security Study for the City of Cape Town

  7. City Region Food Systems on the Political Agenda in France

  8. Sustaining Grassroots Initiatives and Institutional Roles in the Urban Food Policy of Milan

  9. Building a Bristol Food City Region from the Grass Roots up: Food strategies, action plans and food policy councils

  10. Policies Fostering Multifunctional Urban Agriculture in the City of Zurich

  11. Governance Challenges for the Development of Public Green Areas as Edible Landscapes

  12. Research Priorities for Future Food Systems: A sustainable food systems perspective from Ontario, Canada

  13. Examining Food Sources in the City of Tamale, Ghana

  14. FOODMETRES – Metropolitan food planning connecting the local with the global

  15. FOODMETRES – Case studies from North to South

  16. Can Local Food Production Reduce Food Imports and Transport? The case of lettuce in Rosario, Argentina

  17. An Innovative Short Chain in the Netherlands: Willem&Drees

  18. Edible Landscape: Food and services from common-land use in the Vigo city region

  19. Short Food Chains in Rome: Context, experiences, policy implications

  20. Kalnciema Street Quarter in Riga: Food makes the place

  21. Cultivating the City: Infrastructures of abundance in urban Brazil

  22. Green Vegetable Supply in Dar es Salaam

  23. 250,000 Families! Reconnecting urban and rural people for healthier, more sustainable living

  24. Unlocking La Paz


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