Urban Agriculture Magazine no. 28 – Innovations in Urban Agriculture

This issue of the Urban Agriculture Magazine highlights innovations in urban agriculture. Innovation and the various forms of innovations are of particular importance because urban agriculture is adapted to specific urban challenges and opportunities. Innovation is taking place continuously, exploring the multiple functions of urban agriculture, including food security, income generation and environmental management.

Also available in Portuguese.


  1. Editorial: Innovations in Urban Agriculture

  2. GROW the City: Learning Networks between North and South

  3. Participatory Planning for Edible Cities in Rosario and Groningen

  4. FEEDing the City: Approaches to the Upscaling of Urban Agriculture in Almere, Toronto, Lima and Milan

  5. Working Towards Robust Urban Agriculture Initiatives in Cape Town and Utrecht

  6. Harvesting Nutrients in the Cities of Rotterdam and Tamale

  7. TERRAE Municipal Network: Boosting the Local Economy

  8. Revalorising Urban Agricultural Land-Use: AVAAL and the Agricultural Park of Alta de Lisboa

  9. Urban Agriculture Springs up in Greece

  10. Innovations in Urban Agriculture and their Impacts: a Study Tour to the USA

  11. Dutch City Network Feeds the Innovation of Urban Agriculture

  12. Leeds Edible Schools Sustainability Network

  13. Back-to-School Farming Initiative in Liberia

  14. Farm City and Hortus Aquarius: A Modular and Synergetic Design Approach in Practice

  15. The Farmery: Urban Grocery, Café and Farm

  16. RotterZwam, Edible Mushrooms from Rotterdam

  17. Introducing Rooftop Greenhouses to the City of Berlin

  18. Growing a Healthy Community: the Green Roof at Access Point on Danforth, Toronto

  19. Re-Imagineering the Vertical Farm

  20. Vertical Farming: From Concept to Reality

  21. Low-tech Innovations in Vertical Farming: Nairobi, Kenya

  22. Production of Fortifer Pellets: Boosting agriculture in and around urban areas

  23. Co-composting to Recover Phosphorus from Waste in Tamale

  24. Promoting Periurban Agriculture in Flood-Prone Areas of Gorakhpur, India

  25. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and Urban Agriculture; Potential for Research and Planning


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