Urban Agriculture Magazine no. 25 – RUAF 10 years

The RUAF Foundation, the international network of Resource centres on Urban Agriculture and Food security, is celebrating its tenth anniversary. This special issue of the Urban Agriculture Magazine highlights the development of the RUAF network, the type of activities developed during the past years, some of the main results achieved at city, national and international level, and strategic challenges in the coming years.

Also available in Portuguese.


  1. Editorial

  2. International Conference “Urban Agriculture for Resilient Cities: Lessons learnt in Policy, Research and Practice”

  3. International Support to Research and Policy on Urban Agriculture (1996-2010): achievements and challenges

  4. Multi-Stakeholder Policy Formulation and Action Planning on Urban Agriculture

  5. Creating the Urban Agriculture Forum in Belo Horizonte: a multi-stakeholder experience

  6. Developing Institutional Synergies for Effective Urban Agriculture Development in Sri Lanka

  7. Agromere: Integrating urban agriculture in the development of the city of Almere

  8. Financing Urban Agriculture: Current challenges and innovations

  9. Effects of the Global Financial Crisis and Food Price Hikes of 2007/2008 on the Food Security of Poor Urban Households

  10. Cities, Climate Change and Urban Agriculture

  11. Integrating urban agriculture in the urban landscape

  12. City Resilience: Building cultural repertoire for urban farming in Almere

  13. The RUAF “From Seed to Table” Programme; an approach to participatory innovation in small-scale urban and periurban agriculture production, processing and marketing

  14. Developing Value Chains in Amman, Jordan

  15. Strengthening the Production and Sale of Agrosilves Pigs in Villa El Salvador, Peru

  16. Urban Agriculture development in Minhang, Shanghai

  17. The Kibidoué Cooperative in Bobo-Dioulasso, Burkina Faso

  18. Recovery and Reuse of Resources: Enhancing urban resilience in low-income countries

  19. Urban Agriculture for People Affected by HIV/Aids


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