Urban Agriculture Magazine no. 15 – Multiple Functions of Urban Agriculture

City authorities of growing cities have to cope with a diversity of needs of their citizens. Increasingly, they see the relation between agriculture in and immediately around cities and many urban issues. Open green spaces in the city may combine different functions, such as an improvement of access to fresh perishable food with a healthy environment, leisure or sports and a connection to the rural and natural.

Municipal authorities all over the world have come to understand the role urban and periurban farmers can play in maintaining these green zones in the city. Likewise, innovative farmers in and around cities are increasingly aware of the needs of the urban population and have started to come up with creative responses to urban demands.

This issue of the Urban Agriculture Magazine presents a number of examples of (combinations of) different functions of urban agriculture. It also includes contributions on alternative urban design and how to value agriculture against the cost of the current food system or current urban land uses.

Also available in Portuguese, Spanish, French and Arabic.


  1. Multifunctionality and Sustainability of Urban Agriculture

  2. Scenario’s for Periurban Horticulture in Hanoi and Nanjing

  3. Multiple Functions of Agriculture in Bohicon and Abomey, Benin

  4. Promoting the Multifunctionality of Urban and Periurban Agriculture in Hanoi

  5. Multi-functional Agrotourism in Beijing

  6. Urban Farming in the South Durban Basin

  7. Building Food-Secure Neighbourhoods: The role of allotment gardens

  8. Urban Agriculture as a Mechanism for Urban Upgrading

  9. Building Food Secure Neighbourhoods In Rosario

  10. Making the Edible Landscape: Integrating productive growing in urban developments

  11. Demonstration Gardens in Almirante Brown, Argentina

  12. Urban Agriculture in the Gaza Strip, Palestine

  13. Multifunctionality of Periurban Open Spaces in Setif, Algeria

  14. Bringing Soul Back to Wai’anae: the Mala ‘Ai ’Opio Farm

  15. Urban Agriculture in the Netherlands: Multifunctionality as an organisational strategy

  16. Continuous Productive Urban Landscapes: Urban agriculture as an essential infrastructure

  17. FoodSpace: Food production in the city

  18. Farmer Response to Urban Pressures on Land, the Tamale experience

  19. Multifunctional Land Use in a Small Urban Agricultural Community in Lagos

  20. From Food Security to Food Safety: urban development in Bucharest

Urban Agriculture Magazine no

Urban Agriculture Magazine no