Urban Agriculture Magazine no. 14 – Urban Aquatic Production

Despite the growing importance and attention given to urban agriculture, the importance and potential of growing fish and edible aquatic plants in and around cities remains largely unknown.

The term “urban aquaculture” captures a broad array of activities. The cultivation of fish and aquatic plants is widespread throughout many cities in Southeast Asia and to a lesser extent in Africa and Latin America.

Aquatic production is intrinsically linked with the livelihoods of a significant number of the lower-income urban households. It includes a wide array of activities, from extensive to intensive cultivation of both fish and aquatic vegetables. However, the production systems involved are generally semi-intensive often utilising wastewater from the city as a source of nutrients and fertiliser to increase production.

This issue of Urban Agriculture Magazine presents PAPUSSA findings and articles on periurban aquaculture from other cities to a broader non-aquaculture audience. The PAPUSSA (Periurban Aquatic Production Systems in South-East Asia) project, aims to give an overview of the status and impact of periurban aquatic production systems in four cities (Bangkok, Phnom Penh, Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi).

Possible scenarios for the future of these communities are described in several articles. Based on the preliminary findings, the disappearance of some systems in the four cities studied is inevitable under urbanization although there is huge demand for and consumption of aquatic vegetables, especially water spinach. The continuation of these practices will depend on city planners’ ability to coordinate and develop strategies. Articles from Africa and Latin America illustrate the potential for production of fish on a local, community, or even household level.

Also available in Portuguese, Spanish and French.


  1. Aquatic Food Production Systems in Bangkok

  2. Current Status of Periurban Aquatic Production in Hanoi

  3. Periurban Aquatic Food Production Systems in Phnom Penh

  4. Production and Marketing Systems of Aquatic Products in Ho Chi Minh City

  5. The Future of Periurban Aquatic Food Production Systems in Southeast Asia

  6. Planning for Aquatic Production in East Kolkata Wetlands

  7. Demise of Periurban Wastewater-fed Aquaculture?

  8. Skin Diseases Among People Using Urban Wastewater in Phnom Penh

  9. The Use of Treated Sewage Water from Settlement Ponds in San Juan, Lima

  10. Family Aquaculture in Cuba

  11. The Role of Aqua Farming in Feeding African Cities

  12. Tilapia Culture in Homestead Concrete Tanks in Periurban Nigeria

  13. Periurban Aquaculture in Ghana

  14. Urban Agriculture in Istanbul, Turkey


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