Gender and the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact Monitoring Framework Indicators

Food in urban areas has the potential to make cities more sustainable places. The Milan Urban Food Policy Pact (MUFPP) is one way that cities are working towards sustainable food system change at the local level. The pact was signed by more than 100 cities on October 15, 2015 in Milan, Italy. It has brought multiple cities together with diverse experiences to help each other solve the problems associated with rapid urbanisation and the resulting issues with ensuring the right to food to urban residents. To assess progress within the signatory cities, a monitoring framework with indicators and targets was developed by 13 of those cities and a group of FAO-RUAF experts. This monitoring framework covers the six areas of the MUFPP and includes 42 indicators, some of which are qualitative and some quantitative. This framework aligns with the Sustainable Development Goals, to assist cities to integrate the work being done within global networks they are a part of (MUFPP, 2019).

This report was developed by Laine Young, Laurier Center for Sustainable Food systems and RUAF partner this work was implemented in the context and with support of IWMI CGIAR WLE RUAF collaboration.

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