City region food systems literature review

The aim of this report is to briefly and concisely analyse and systematise the content, definitions and delimitations of the concept of City Region Food Systems on the basis of a review of literature, ongoing experiences and analysis of scientific and policy debates.

City Region Food Systems (CRFS) is a cutting-edge concept and related research methodology that is in the process of being more clearly refined. RUAF Foundation, the FAO Food for the Cities initiative and the Carasso Foundation are amongst the organisations that are at the forefront of this emerging field.

As a new analytical lens it offers an integrated and multi-dimensional perspective on food’s origins, how food is grown and the path it follows to our plates and beyond. However, to valorise the potential of the city region food system approach and ensure that it obtains a place on policy agendas in the coming years, there is an urgent need to better systematise and operationalize the concept.


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